22 diciembre 2018

The tree

This year, due to Rob's then-bum knee, the boys carried the tree home from the corner lot.

our excited children

On crashing an Indian baptism

Our dear friends invited us to witness the baptism of their two children.  We happily went to support and celebrate with them.  As we were waiting, I told the officiating pastor that Ty had been talking a lot about getting baptized, that he understood it and that he'd like to be signed up for the next one in January.  Great.

The baptism began.  Our friends' kids, two people that had converted from another religion and then a woman who felt called at the last moment answered questions and were dunked, to rise.  At this point, I was already crying because a C-ster's husband had finally decided to declare his love for God.  It was so moving. 

And then the pastor asked if anyone else in the crowd felt like they should get baptized, and...

Praise God!

15 diciembre 2018

Around here

We are eating so many delicious vegetables thanks to our trusty farm, LotFotL!

My not-so-little green monster

Obviously, Ty had to begin giving Fumino home archery lessons!

14 diciembre 2018

My pet peave

The kids and I were talking about who knows what the other day and Ty asked me, "Is that your puppy dog thing?"  What?  I began searching around in my mind for what he had meant.  "MamA, you know, things that annoy you a lot... your puppy dog thing?"

---So, Fumino Mercy and I were talking while making dinner the other day and something came up about men's hairy necks.  That's normal dinner prep. convo., no?  And I said that it was my pet peave and then went on to explain to her what that phrase meant.---

Obviously Ty had been listening... well, kind of!

13 diciembre 2018


Fifteen weeks, slogging through granite...
So, each year, in an attempt to keep learning, to improve my pedagogy, I read a science book.  Last year, I read The Fourth Phase of Water, which was like a walk in a Parisian park on a magical Spring day compared to Earth.