20 junio 2018

My children

"MamA, puedo por favor comer la cAscara del mango?"  "Claro, mi hija."
Just watching the school's landscaping crew, you know, sibling style.

And the spatula has been passed on!

Yeah... so... this is how they came out dressed for church.  Who am I to cramp their style?

Ever since Miss Molly came to visit with her fancy control-the-world watch, Ty has been talking about having one; which, obviously, will never happen.  So, the next best thing?  He made himself an origami watch.  I believe this photo captures him sending some e-mails.

And, this is our answer to our friends' hover board!


As a trying-hard Charlotte Mason MamA, I sat down for a good 20 minutes and sketched this beauty.  I didn't come close!  But, it doesn't bother me because it just highlights God's glory!
Look at those petal tips!
A few overviews of the back yarden:

I am SO thankful for our little piece of... it's so much to us!

12 abril 2018

Oregon or bust!

Oh, yeh... 30 hours in a car together!  Thanks to a rather strict schedule of activities and grace, we made it... and still like being with each other.

Wisconsin - OK.  Minnesota - blah.  South Dakota - What?  Will this never end?  Wyoming - meh.  Montana - Winner of the prettiest state en route. 

Idaho - freaky deaky.  Washington - trashy.  Oregon - Cha-ching!  Wow!  The Columbia River Gorge!  The waterfalls!

The forest!  -a deep sigh-  That forest spoke to my soul.  

Neither wind, nor rain, nor sand blasting us in the face shall stop us from having fun on the beach!