29 diciembre 2017

The professor

So, I've been si-zick.  Blah!  And I've also been feeling the pressure of finishing Term 1 of ManSoul Academy, since we took that nice long break in and around Ethiopia.  Today... early this morning, I should say... Girumy came into the sick chamber with his suitcoat over his PJs, saying that he was a professor.  "Great!  So, do you think that you can do school with your brother and sister?  I just can't."  And the child read to them all of their texts for the day, in English and in Spanish.  What?!?! 

Feliz navidad

Arepas, buNuelos y Mabel!

18 diciembre 2017

Happy grad-anni-birth-day

That's how we roll...  What?
Trying to get a family photo
'Twas the best we could do.
The namesake girls:  Sophie-Ona, Ona Belle and Anna Belle

27 noviembre 2017

What I heard during the past two weeks

"Amy, you are FAT!"  (Yeh, this was supposed to be a compliment, but... oh, UH-uh.)

"Allah-u-akbar!"  (AWLL pre-dawn long!)

"Cock-a-doodle-doo!"  "Quiquiriqui!"  AND "Cocorico!"  (Also, all pre-dawn long.)

"Now you are half-caste, Amy."  (Thank you very much!)

"Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"  "Eh-miy!"

"May I please eat French fries for dinner, MamA?"

"Where..."  "When..."  "What..."  times a gadrillion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Iyesus yezalalem geta!"

"Farenj!  Farenj!  Farenj!"

"Money!  Money!  Money!"

To be continued...