27 enero 2012

The blessing of sleep

Praise God! For the first time since Bubu and Mita have been with us, they both slept through the night last night. I say, "God, that is perfect timing." And right now, all of the children are napping, and have been for some time. I feel confused. What am I supposed to do? My body feel strange. Why is there no one pulling on me? My ears are ringing with the silence. Where have you gone, o din? Ah, the peace.

26 enero 2012

The styling Mitinka

Our dear friend, J.R., has given Mita one more reason (other than milk, banana-y oatmeal and clothes) to be excited in the morning. Sweet hair accessories!

25 enero 2012

My son

This morning, GRITS asked me, "¿Hay falafel en París?" To which I replied, "Claro, mi amor. Y algún día iremos allí y comeremos falafel."

23 enero 2012


"I don't think so! Girls!"

"Well, alright."

Our biggest baby

Expelliarmus molluscum contagiosum!

One molluscum virus down, one to go. A daily treatment of either apple cider vinegar or essential oil of oregano diluted in olive oil, with a covering bandage, finally worked. It was disgusting, as the bump fell off in bloody chunks, but one is gone. Wahoo! On to the next!

20 enero 2012

A minute of sanity

This is my futile attempt to create some order amidst the confusion of the world.


Here, the baby hipster is dancing to the tunes of Biruktawit and Getayawkal, an Ethiopian gospel-singing couple. We listen to that CD about five times a day. Thanks, Abel!


He said, trembling, "Tita, please move this stuff so I won't be grabbing it."

17 enero 2012

Building the "Chicago House"

Inspired by don Da'b'e, GRITS is quite excited about constantly recreating the "Chicago House," complete with green roof.

God is too good

We don't deserve any good thing, yet God has made us His own and treats us accordingly.

We don't deserve good friends. We don't deserve to have our prayers heard. We don't deserve to have vegetarian meals brought to us. We don't deserve to have an understanding boss. We don't deserve peace. We don't deserve sleep. We don't deserve the promise of life with God. And the list goes on...

God is too good to us. Thank you, God.

10 enero 2012

The elusive cup of hot coffee


This means that she wants me to read her a book. Both Ty and Mita bring me books this way. I don't know. I just read.

Is he worshipping the sun? Should I be worried? Ha! He probably learned this from me!

05 enero 2012

What GRITS says

"I'm the gran Nigus." (The gran Nigus (Um, Span-haric?) is the king in one of G's favorite books: The Perfect Orange.)

"Are my hands brown?"
"What color are your hands?"
"Tell me."
"Eh, no. I'm very, very, very light brown."

"Where is Father Haile Kirros?" (He is one of the characters in one of GRITS' favorite books: The Best Beekeeper of Lalibela.)

Beepsus diapers

We have decided to go back to the exquisitely beepsus cloth diapers. We only stopped with GRITS because I felt that I should return the borrowed materials. Since, we've gotten used to using beepsus throw-aways; however, having exquisite twins has made that beepsus ridiculous... because of the amount of beepsus money that it costs and because of how much we add to the beepsus dumps. (Could that be an equisite pun? I think that I'd have to re-word it, and I won't.) Anyways, here we go!

Ah, these will never really be exquisitely (Has E used it as an adverb yet?) white again.

Pre-folding them is a beepsus idea that we learned from our exquisite friends.

Ready for tomorrow!

Flower power

This is definitely my favorite outfit for Mitinka. Thank you so much to our amigos catrachos for leaving this sweet ensemble with us! (Although I imagine that la Chinita didn't intend for these pieces to go together. Also, Chinita, what is with that flap in the front?)

Our new house song

Clean up, clean up,
Everybody, everywhere,
Clean up, clean up,
MamA does the lion's share.