27 febrero 2012

Dinnertime conversation

"Bubu, you don't have to cry. You just need to eat your food. But you spit your food and you were naughty. You disobeyed me." said GRITS, with a serious face and a constantly nodding head.

26 febrero 2012

And we're back

Life gets difficult and the blog goes quiet.

But, here we are again... for now.

In a quiet few moments today, I went around the house in search of beautiful things and this is some of what I found:

See the little hairs?

Even on its way out...

They are freckled, like me! Frackle Flowers should be a new common name for them. I'll have to suggest it to the Royal Botanical Society the next time they call me, at which time I'm also going to suggest banning all common names. Ay!

This sun-warmed chair actually asked me to sit down. "I'm coming!"

Thank God!

05 febrero 2012

Hair loss: Stage 1

So, I've decided to have a bit of fun with an otherwise difficult situation and cut my hair off in stages. This first one is quite extreme, so I don't know how many other stages we'll do. I'm going to donate my hair to a place that makes real-hair wigs for women going through chemotherapy (Hopefully whomever ends up with my hair will look better than Rob does here!), and my sister decided to make a donation with me. Thanks, Nenna!

04 febrero 2012

Voice Coach McBoo and the Earnest Belters


We really like being urban farmers, and our operation is growing. Rob has taken to caring for the animals, while I admire them from afar and tend to the garden. Our newest additions are 1,000 red wrigglers. Worms! I have already had a nightmare about them, based on the fact that I've seen two of them escape: one is toasted behind our stove and the other was valiantly done away with by Nanny McBoo after it tried to get out of its bin. They are so disgusting, wriggling and writhing around constantly, but they and their castings are going to be very useful to our garden. Now, if only we could get Milwaukee to let us have a goat!

03 febrero 2012

PapA's helper and other funny bits

"I need the hammer, PapA. I just need to bam a little bit." Ay, ay, ay!

Lately, GRITS has also said, "I'm giving chips to MamA because she is beautiful." (Aw.) "You shower, you put on your belt and you go to work." And, "Cool your jets!" (Thanks, Tita!) And finally, "Mita is crying. I need to go take care of her." (Aw, again.)

Mita and Hannah

This is Mita's new baby, Hannah. Both she and Bubu love to carry her around carefully and give her lots of kisses.