31 marzo 2012

Aster must be happy.

Yesterday, I heard quite the squawking and so I rushed out to make sure that the mapache wasn't harassing our hens. What I found was a giant green egg. And when I cracked it open to make yet another tortilla espanola (Again, sorry for the missing tilde.), I was treated to a double yolk. How happy!

28 marzo 2012

Eggs and more eggs!

I'm going to have to start incorporating more eggs into the family's diet and today it will be in the form of a tortilla espanola. (Sorry for the missing tilde.) Look at those green ones! We have our Easter Egger, Aster, to thank for those. And notice the light brown one on top with the little white speckles. That one is from Ymo.

22 marzo 2012

Reading class

So, I may only have to school GRITS. From the conversation that I heard today, I think that he'll take care of the twins' education.

G: Mita, I will read to you. Sit down.
Can you say "cement truck?"
M: C'ment cruck.
G: Eh...
Can you say "fire truck?"
M: Afar cruck.
G: Now, which one do we see in front of our house?
So, Mita, say "car."
M: Cah(r). Cah(r). Cah(r). (Yes, she likes cars.)
G: No, that's not a bird. That's a car.

He does it all: He begins with repetition, branches out into a semi-open-ended question and does error correction. My sweet boy!

21 marzo 2012


This is what they all look like when they are fresh. Mmmm... tasty!

One of our hens finally gave us an egg on the 19th. (They knew Spring was coming and wanted to celebrate, I'm sure.) And then about an hour later, there was another; however, the little cannibals got to it first, broke it open and ate it. This is no good. (To try to train them off of that idea, Rob has sacrificed some golf balls. We'll see if it works.) And then there was another last night, but in their fright at Rob's egg-checking, they kicked it down the hatch. So... will we ever have enough eggs to eat? I don't know. If we can't get this under control, though, I say, "Chau doro!"

14 marzo 2012


GRITS almost has his request right: "MamA, me cuentas lo de Meshach, Redshach y Abednego?"

Happy nappies

What a difference a couple of days make... from snow to very warm sun, just like that! "Praise God! Praise God!" as G would say.

12 marzo 2012

Spring: update

Yesterday, while all of the seeds were sprouting in the hot window box that I've created, I spent the day preparing the garden and planting a few seeds outdoors.

God is good!

11 marzo 2012

We're covered!

These kids seriously like to cover their heads. (I'll be right with them in a couple of weeks, sporting all sorts of scarves and turbans. Although I don't think that I'll double up like Mitinka here.)

Taking turns

The B-lue Berry!

Shawn and Gus came to visit me today. We had such fun! Come back any time, guys.

10 marzo 2012

"Where are you going, MamA?"

To the theater! What fun. Last night, staying out much past our bed time, Rob and I went to see a play: The Chosen. It was quite good, although all of the actors need a bit of help with their accents... not much, but a bit. They were off just enough to distract me most of the time. Oh well. To the theater!

08 marzo 2012


I'm realistic enough to know that there is still a chance for a snow storm or two, but... Spring is here! And yes, I know that it doesn't officially begin until the twentieth, but... Spring is here!

Here are some kale seeds (We're growing three kinds this year. C, C, go away and don't come back another day!), waiting for some solar heat to sprout; after which, they will move downstairs to the growing station until April 15th hits. Then, along with the potatoes, rhubarb, asparagus, peas, lettuces and root vegetables, they will move outside, with a little protection from some old windows. Spring is here! (Notice the dose of dark worm castings on top.)

01 marzo 2012

Mr. Snack

Mmm... pears.

Good down to the last drop!

"Yikes! I just ate an entire large jar of Greenstone pears!"

The twins

Mita, with post-bath glow

"I want you... to carry me around and never ever ever to put me down!"