17 abril 2012


Our impish BuBU loves: to push cars and trains around on the floor; to eat popped corn; to pretend that he's a cat and lay in the sunshine on the floor; to make wild lion sounds; to play the air-drums with his brother; to splash in the tub; to get balm applied to his lips; and to be carried around everywhere, all of the time!

Getaye does not like: if I sit down while carrying/holding him (Whoa! The nerve I have!); to speak quietly; to share toy trains; to be without a water cup; and to eat small bites of food.

Our raspy-voiced, heart-melting, smiler of a son is a joy. Thank God!

13 abril 2012

A bit about Mita (Pronounce that "t"!)

So, what is Miss Mita like? Well, she is definitely a Miss Mita... for sure! She erupts into a huge smile, with such bright eyes when: she is picked up from bed, she gets her cup of milk, she gets to eat, her clothes get changed, a clip or headband gets put in her hair, it's time to "Clean up! Clean up! Everybody, everywhere!", she gets to play in the bathtub, she gets to sit on my lap, music is playing and she whirls around, and when she says, "Amen!". Yes, that is a good starter list. She does not like it when: Bubu takes her toys (which he almost constantly tries to do), her bottle or cup goes empty (Watch out!), I put oil on her face, I comb out her hair (Yowzers! And yes, I know what I'm doing.), and she doesn't get to go outside and someone else does (Whoa!).

We love our daughter and know that so many others do as well. She is a blessing.

10 abril 2012

Hapricot Birthday (a bit late)

For GRITS' birthday, we decided to buy him some trees: two Goldcot apricot trees. And although I've been talking up the planting and caring of them to him for weeks now, well... That child walked out the door, noticed the packing moss that I had let spill onto the walk, asked for a broom and then spent our short time in the chilly dusk sweeping the walk clean. This is exactly why we only do happy birthday pancakes and I really buy myself a present for my son's birthday. The kid really just wants to clean with the "sweep."

Here he is, the not-yet-an-arborphile, cleaning up my mess.

He has left all of the heavy work for me... which, of course, I prefer.

All he kept saying to Tita was, "I'm not supposed to be standing here." My son!

Finally, back on the narrow green path of freedom.

Hmm... what do I want for the twins' birthday? Pear trees? They're already ordered!

Dinner for Shwoeder

*This all happened in Spanish, but for the sake of Shwoeder, I'll write it in English.

G- MamA, you put the thing on the table, and then people come, and then we eat?
Me- Yes. Who is coming to eat?
G- Matt Shwoeder (without hesitation). Yes, Shwoeder.
Me- What are you preparing?
G- Yes. I am preparing ratatouille and bread. ... The table is ready. Matt? Matt? It's time to eat!

Here is the host, getting the table set, just right. He spent around fifteen minutes getting everything set, which says something from a kid. It's my fault, for sure, although I'll not apologize for it. He has seen me, time and again, moving a fork a half centimeter to the right; shining the glasses; re-folding napkins so that the crease is perfectly even... ay! When will I be able to throw a great dinner again? (Sigh.) Maybe some Saturday in August...

04 abril 2012


I love the color, both obvious and hidden.

Will any of these cherry blossoms actually become edible fruit this year?

(I guess that I'm inspired by my newly found fame!)


Who knew that I was a published photographer? I surely didn't know... until now. Unfortunately, one of the photos is of my least favorite ornamental grass, Calamagrostis acutiflora Karl Foerster; only because it is unthinkingly (Change "unthinkingly" to "thoughtlessly." I knew that there was a real word that fit there!) over-used. The other plant, a Bleeding Heart, is nice enough, I guess.

I really miss my weekly walks through Boerner Botanical Gardens to chart the blooms. Maybe I'll have to take it up again, just for fun.

03 abril 2012

Free-ranging hens

This past weekend, Rob, Tita and Uncle Monkey Bread constructed the run for our hens. Now, they are happily scratching for worms and eating grass... just as they should.

Thanks to our time in the mud of good old Mexico, bending the rebar was so, so easy. Tita just put an end in the piece of metal to which our gate latches and then pulled on it with her weight. Perfectly bent.

Happy, free hens!

01 abril 2012


Uncle Monkey Bread


The first time that we saw Baby GRITS, when he was just days old, he had his ankles crossed. He almost always sits that way... to this day, now three years old.

Our GRITSy is such a joy to us. He is so observant, smart, talkative, inquisitive, generous, caring, loving and... well, as his name means, amazing. Thank you, God, for letting him be a part of our family.