30 mayo 2012

Then and now




Pear-y happy

Yes, that's pear juice all down the front of his shirt.

Notice the drop hanging from his chin!

29 mayo 2012


Yesterday, we had a tasty celebration to mark...

Thanks Rob and KK!

GRITS' doings

He has been making fruit leather letters.

He has been having all sorts of fun with MamA and PapA!  Isn't Rob's hat sweet?

And he has been riding his turtle to work, making sure not to forget his bag of blocks.

Two weeks later, and...

14 mayo 2012

Purple garden delights

Injera baby

This weekend we had Ethiopian food for dinner: injera from one of the local Ethio-restaurants and my own tasty yemesir wat.  The kids all loved it.  BubU was especially excited about the injera, as the photos show.  Now, if only I had allowed them all to have a cup of buna with their dinner, we would have had the happiest children around!

08 mayo 2012

"Pia," as Mita would say.

Well, it's settled.  I polled the kids this morning and they all want to go back to Ethiopia to live!  GRITS and Mita gave me vocal "yes"es and BubU gave me a very serious head nod... the kind that he uses when he is indicating that he would indeed like to play with the train or wear a sweatshirt or go outside to play.    Including my vote, that's four out of five.  Sweet!  Now, we just need to get PapA's vote down, officially, and we'll be off! 

We wish! 

01 mayo 2012

And more head-scarves

G: Why am I wearing this scarf? MamA: Why? G: Because I don't have any hair. (Said with the sweetest smile in the world.)