25 julio 2012

Bread letters

The smile on BubU's face was priceless when he realized that he had eaten a T-T-T-Ty into his piece of bread. 

A royal visit

I heard GRITS say, "BubU, do you want to see the queen?"  To which BubU responded, "ShhhhI!"  (Whence did this idea come?  I haven't a clue!)

Putting the royal robe on BubU

Carefully guiding BubU in to her presence

Gazing up at her glory

And then GRITS ushered BubU out with such care, just in case he was faint from his encounter.

19 julio 2012

G's shopping list

I asked G if he would like anything special from the store, and he gave me the following list:

(I am not sure if otra Mita and otro BubU are replacements or additions!)

18 julio 2012

So long!

Dear GRITS' nap,

Well, my dear, dear friend... I guess this is good-bye.  It has been so wonderful spending these last three years with you.  I am going to miss you very much.  I mean, we really accomplished a lot together.  Please remember that you are welcome any time for a visit.  I mean it!  Any time! 



14 julio 2012

Here I go!

This will make twin-size quilt one, of three.  Yikes!  I am hoping that the cheery fabrics encourage me to keep cutting, stitching, aligning, drawing, stitching, binding, etc., etc., etc.

13 julio 2012

Breaking it down

GRITS:     Estoy mal.
MamA:     Yo tambiEn estoy mal hoy.
GRITS:     Pero, estA bien, MamA, porque tenemos orejas.

09 julio 2012

Memory verse 1

BubU can do the hand motions, Mita has the last word and GRITS knows the whole thing: Psalm 9:1: "Quiero alabarte, Señor, con todo el corazón y contar todas tus maravillas."

Great garden!

Easy Ned and the great Russian Lady Perovskia!

Garlic harvest 2012

Ah, how long will it last us?  Maybe till the end of August is my guess.  It will be very difficult when it runs out not to eat those beauties that I'm saving as seed for next year's crop.  Farmers must exercise such self-control!

How domestic

This choc-KK cake looked too good.  We just had to dive into the middle!