31 agosto 2012

Ba-lue's Ca-lues

So, GRITS is being very deliberate about pronouncing his "l" sound, now that he has figured it out.  This gives two syllables to most one syllable words, as you read in the title. 

A family friend gave us a Blue's Clues video... yes, video, and the kids love that annoying show!  G has been repeating entire lines from it, at random times during the day:  "Anteaters eat ants.  That's so cool."  "We have the third ca-lue!"  And, everyone's favorite is, "Where's my handy-dandy notebook?"  Oh man.

So, I got him a handy-dandy notebook.  The child is thrilled!

                          Here, he is drawing out the all-important third clue.

The kids around the house

This is how Mita eats pizza, no matter how I try to change her grip.  She absolutely does not want any sauce on her hands!  It's quite the act too: The pizza does a 360 degree flip in her hands as she picks it up and puts it back down. 

I gave GRITS a piece of paper, which he folded and turned into a computer.  Here, he is sending an e-mail to PapA.  By the way, fittingly, these are his work clothes.  He wants to put this outfit on every morning, because PapA wears jeans and polo shirts to work too.

I sold so many of these hats, back in the day at Ashbees of Minocqua.  All I had to do was wear it around the store myself and presto!  BubU spent quite some time trying to figure out the little slip-tightener.

And here is how the kids love to spend at least part of each day: swaddled up, being my babies.  I'll take this activity any time!

God is great!

27 agosto 2012

Pencils, erasers and paper... oh my!

I smelled school in the air the other day; and so accordingly, the dining table is now piled with almanacs, books on the Trivium and Classical Education and children's books that focus on Math.  I can't help myself... The air's crispness carried me to the library and made me check out those books!

21 agosto 2012

Of hair

We called her Medusa yesterday.  After taking the twists out of Mita's hair and before fluffing it out into a loose style, this is how she looked: 

As for me, well, I combed my hair for the first time since March the other day.  I have certainly never been so happy about something so mundane. 

17 agosto 2012

The haps

So, what's new?  The children have all taken to calling themselves certain names lately.  G refers to himself as ChiquitOn, Mita as Hija and BubU as BebE.  If I dare even call BubU anything else, he corrects me!

They have made the area between the couch and little table their car and they are really putting on the miles!  Here you see them driving to our friend's house for a dinner of pasta with pesto... always Jessie's delicious pasta with pesto.  Unfortunately, they get in a disagreement every time:  BubU wants to listen to the song "Come Awake" and G almost always wants to listen to the Brewers' game. 

They have also been dressing up a lot lately.  Here is one of the finest outfits I've seen so far:

And they have been putting out a lot of car fires (We saw one a while back, burning up right in front of our house.), taking turns on the turtle fire engine, using the ring-peg as a foam-shooter. 

08 agosto 2012


"Dios, eres perfecto.  Jesús, gracias por la vida.  Espíritu Santo, ayúdanos.  Dios, dale un trabajo a Boo-ah, por favor.  En el nombre de Jesús... Amén!" 

06 agosto 2012

Last night

Noxious fumes...

My compadres: insomniac crickets,
Surprising stars.

Squirrel attack?

A crisp, fresh breeze...

Boy-men sleeping on a trampoline,
In a dewy pile by morning.


Hot campfire rocks setting up a déjà vu.

I'll be back.