23 diciembre 2012

Twisted veil

I actually had to draw out this style before being able to do it, and even then I was a bit confused.  However, it turned out well and next time will be so much easier. 


Glasses are such an important accessory!

This child wore his snowsuit in preparation to shovel with PapA for at least an hour.  He was so excited to "move the snow" that I couldn't put him off any longer.  At least I managed to keep his feet uncovered in an attempt to avoid overheating. 

Ty, going to work in business-casual... the tie is Tato Dru inspired.

Drum lessons

Well, I have finally relented and decided to let GRITS use a toy canister as a drum.  Ay.  Here you see him practicing "Little Drummer Boy," a performance of which we hope to make on Christmas Day.  Later in the day, he began lessons with his sister and brother.  (I have said it before, but I'll mention it again: I really think that I'm only going to have to teach G... he'll pass everything on to his siblings!)

12 diciembre 2012

We are all back to the head-scarves.

Considering I seriously look like Inspector Carlton Lassiter these days, we are all covering our heads again.  I need to work on my happy smile while doing so.  It comes so easily to my babies. 

She was yelling, "Tamenech!  Belaynesh!  Selamnesh!" 

He... was just posing.

09 diciembre 2012

Happy Channukah - night two

I have no menorah yet, so we make do...

The latke recipe comes from America's Test Kitchen.

They made me hungry for Black and Tan cookies at this point... or that episode of Psych.

The accompanying sauce had zucchini, tomatoes, orange zest and kalamata olives.

04 diciembre 2012


"Grazie, zia Nanu," dicono i bambini.

Box hat, thanks to Toms' very generous we-want-you-back gift card

And, eyewear for all!

He's trying to look serious, to match the glasses.

des français


J'ai appris qu'il y a des français que lisent mon blog.  Mais, qui êtes vous?