26 febrero 2013


The child has fashioned a working kick drum, which you see down by his foot.  He pushes it with his foot to keep the beat while his arms work the rest of the invisible kit.

In other news, GRITS has been saying:

-"I don't like that book.  It's ridiculous."
-"I have the pepper," as he jogs around the living room like Heathcliff Huxtable.
-"I think that Mita's belly hurts," as he longingly looks at her half-eaten scone.
-"MamA, quieres jugar con nosotros... Porque nos amas?"
-"I have a good idea!  Let's go play drums in the basement!"  And then upon PapA's hesitation, with his most (in)sincere smile, "But, MamA needs five minutes' peace!"
-"BubU, you need to hold your fork properly."
-"CuAntos bebEs tiene Guacamole (It's supposed to be Wongamo, Korean for "aunt," but it just sounds too much like guacamole to the ever-wanting-to-eat G.) Nina en su barriga?  Cinco?"  Whoa, no, sOlo (!) dos.

22 febrero 2013

Yarn extensions: stages 2, 3, and 4

Here she is with the rest of the yarned twists.

Here, I've trimmed and knotted them.  I had a serious problem with getting the hair to be all the same length.

Finally, I put in the beads... which have all stayed in place so far, thankfully.

20 febrero 2013

Yarn extensions: stage 1

Here she is, after about 45 minutes of hair time.  The front sections went rather quickly, so I'm encouraged to continue with the back this afternoon.  We'll see.  Thankfully, although her face doesn't seem to agree in this photo, she is very entertained by this episode of the Cosby Show.  Maybe she'll learn some sweet '80s dance moves as a bonus!

So, Elenita, I decided to go with a multi-colored yarn instead of just green.  As I was leaving for the store to buy it, she said, "Green!  Purple!  Green!"  She had no idea what she wanted.  So I have given her all of the colors of the rainbow.  Wait till you see the beads!

Our mechanic

Inspired by a recently-borrowed library book, G has been playing "mechanic."  Meanwhile, BubU and Mita are driving around town in their constructed-of-random-toys car, clearly in need of a tune-up, looking for our talented mechanic.

14 febrero 2013

Stellar Student Award for Today: BubU BebE

He counted to ten over and over again, slowly moving the beads from one side to the other. 

The top four or five horizontal lines are mine; but then he did the rest, staying in the triangle.

Why I'm really impressed though is that he stayed working, for the entire time that we were in the school room... without prompting.  He would do an activity and then move on to another.  Great job, BubU!

Operation Gross Motor Skills

During our school time, the kids do a lot of activities that naturally work on fine motor skills.  (Oy!  Clothespins!)  So, we decided that PapA would start "gym class" with the kids after dinner, to work on the larger motor skills.

Here are G and Mita (Um, I mean, Biruktawit.  Sorry), ready for action in their gym-wear:

Legs-only jumping jacks: Check out Air G!


One-legged stand:

Jumping: Again, check out Air G!

12 febrero 2013

Sibling love

These two spent a good part of the day walking hand in hand and hugging.  G kept saying, "I love my little sister, Mita."

On the road again... and again and again

The boys are almost always driving somewhere.  Isn't their car sweet?  (It's a station wagon, by the way.)  Today it was to Target and to Jessie's house, of course!  Notice G's phone on the floor next to him.  He knows that he shouldn't talk and drive!  I'm not sure what the blue ring represents... maybe a mug of coffee.  The Tonka that you barely see at the bottom of photo is the door. 

Here, you can see the shifter.  (What is the real word for that?  And in Spanish?)  G's left hand is working the windshield wiper.  These boys take care of all of the details.  I mean, look at BubU... he's even ready to fight a fire should that occur!

Update:  I asked G this morning, as he was collecting everything he needed to go in the car, and the blue ring is not a coffee mug, but a wedding ring.  (He is always asking to wear Rob's.)

11 febrero 2013

Oh, Sancho

"I say nothing about another blanket-tossing, for such misfortunes are difficult to prevent, and if they come there's nothing for it but to hunch your shoulders, hold your breath, close your eyes, and let yourself go where fate and the blanket send you."

07 febrero 2013

Jacques Pepin's youngest fan

So, as G was saying, "Hace mucho que no friego.  Ay.  QuE desastre."  (I wonder where he learned to say that?)...

Notice the sponge: the base to the ring sorting game.

... BubU was saying, "Me gusta Renanah.  SI, me gusta Renanah.  Renanah.  Renanah.  Renanah.  Y, me gusta ?????? de la casa de Jessie."  I seriously couldn't understand what he was saying.  But, with Mita's help, I finally figured out that he was saying Julia.  He likes Julia too.

Then, G, snapping out of his dish-washing trance, said, "and Jacques!"  Yes, Girumy likes Jacques and Julia. 

What a trip!

06 febrero 2013

I am definitely going through withdrawal and could use a hit of soil under the nails

Wendell Berry entitled his poem The Man Born to Farming, but I have renamed it The Woman Born to Fardening.

The grower of tree, the gardener, the man born to farming,
whose hands reach into the ground and sprout,
to him the soil is a divine drug.  He enters into death
yearly, and comes back rejoicing.  He has seen the light lie down
in the dung heap, and rise again in the corn.

05 febrero 2013

Introducing... 3E! (Pronounced "Threeeeee".)

Girumy assigned instruments weeks ago and it has stuck: BubU on the keys, Mita on the strings and G, of course, holds down the beat.

He definitely "plays it like he means it."

At this point, Mita just let loose... foot loose!

03 febrero 2013

Cold grey tunnels

Cold grey tunnels are for
Uncertain, cramping MRIs and
Stinking sewage.

Cold grey tunnels are for
Potatoes and cabbage.
Potatoes and cabbage.
Potatoes and cabbage.

Cold grey tunnels are
Not for me.