29 marzo 2013

the Last Supper... belated

So... I know that it's against tradition, but our very young children just took their first communion.  We have been reading the story of the Last Supper this week and we celebrated it tonight (at least a day late, I know).  Along with the reading, the three babes took their first communion by intinction and then they had a dinner of bread, although leavened (Wow!  I am really taking liberties, aren't I?), and "wine."  BubU has declared that he likes vino (organic Concord grape juice) very much.  And with each and every sip, that sweet child said, "Thank you, God."  Mission accomplished, I'd say. 

28 marzo 2013

I think that those boys could teach me a thing or two!

*from Beautiful Sun Montessori's blog

Out of the mouths of babes

Ty: "My butt hurts."
G:  "Do you have hemorrhoids?"
Ty: "Yes."
G: "Oh, I'm sorry."

*I will not disclose from which family member the children learned about hemorrhoids.
G (via Heathcliff Huxtable):  "It's a hair-like fracture of the proximal phalanx of the fourth toe.  Do you understand?"

(He just burst out with this the other day and has been repeating it frequently.  Oy!)

26 marzo 2013

Instead of napping...

Today, G spent his nap time talking.  I could hear him from the other room and just left him for some time.  When I decided that he was never going to knock off to sleep, however, I went to get him and heard:

-Dios, te amo mucho.
-Dios, ayUdanos.
-Dios, te amo mucho, mucho.
-Dios, ayuda a Mita a no decir mAs mentiras.

When I opened the door, he said, "MamA!  Hablaba con Dios!"  Ugh.  How can I be mad at that?  So, I hugged him and we "Aleluia-ed" for a while. 

25 marzo 2013

An African Palm Sunday!

"Amesegenalo, Tati!"

Ty is so excited that he just can't hide it!

... at least they're all looking at the camera?

a typical family photo

The kids all did so well this long, oh-so-very long Palm Sunday weekend.  They waved palms, they danced, they sat almost-quietly in the pews, they made new African friends.  We are so blessed to be a part of Eastbrook Church.  God protect it!

23 marzo 2013

The many faces of Miss Ethiopia

She's still "laughing like a maniac!"

Attack on MatMat!

I'm counting it!

So, the other day, G was helping me cook.  I went out of the room for a minute and upon return I heard the following sounds, "t-e-m-p-e..."  I said, "What did you say?"  Girumy Pot Pie said, "Tempeh!"  I believe that the child read the package.  Now, did he know what was in the package?  Yes.  But I still say that he sounded out the word and read, "tempeh."  Wahoo!  And what a first word!

14 marzo 2013

Photo fun with Mitinka

The straight up smile face

Kissy face (BubU was dodging her.)

"Laughing like a maniac" face (Which she learned from the kookaburra in Wombat Walkabout.)

The car's evolution

So, we have a nice morning routine down here... finally, and a part of it has been decided on by G.  Every morning, after their children-only play time and before snuggly family reading time on the couch, the kids take a trip or two in their car.  Now, you've seen photos of them in the car before, but the set-up gets more interesting with each day.  Below you'll see the addition of a trunk (the plastic containers on the couch behind them), in which is the bread (the Rubix Cube) that they are taking to Jessie's house, and a driver's seat belt (the shiny green blanket, draped across G's lap).  I look forward to what additions tomorrow brings!

11 marzo 2013

G and I are learning to write!

G, here, is practicing his lowercase j, although he is now on the little p.  I am so thankful that he likes his little workbook and asks to work on it a few times a day.  If any part of his letter is squiggly or just a bit off, he furrows his brow, erases it, gives me a look and then re-does it.  My son.

And this is my handwriting.  G's letters look much more confident than mine, don't they?  I get to read Psalm 103:12 at church in a couple of weeks... in Amharic!  This little project has been more fun for me than I've had in ages.  I first found an on-line Bible in Amharic and copied out the verse.  Then I went to my Amharic textbook and transcribed the symbols into "sounds" in our alphabet.  I then found an audio Bible in Amharic, narrowed it down to the correct chapter, listened a bunch of times to pick out my verse and now I'm working on memorizing it.  Deciphering is so much fun!  Hopefully an Ethiopian friend of ours will visit us soon to help me fine tune my pronunciation. 

Fun with Mita's Madrina Boo

Chocolate and shades!

"Ding!  Ding!  Ding!  Dinner bells ring.  Screen doors swing..."

Boo-inspired fashion.  Yikes! 

P.S.  Boo, G says that your car should be called "Rudy," after Rudy Huxtable.  That's his final answer.

06 marzo 2013

Like the best bAbushka

Ah, water.  Due to some plumbing issues in our house, I'm constantly thinking about water.  Up till now, it's just been annoying.  However, as I was doing the dishes this morning, warm, clean water running freely over my hands, I had a funny, happy-in-retrospect water memory.

When I lived in Ukraine, men would come quite frequently to our courtyard, turn off the water without notice and work on something.  During my first months, I had no idea what was going on and happily continued about my still-infatuated-with-Ukraine life.  As time passed, I realized that the water was off due to this "work," and I was annoyed... but did nothing.  By the end of my years there, I would endure the water outage for an hour or two, but then go out to the balcony and yell, with the best of the bAbushki, "Korga y Hac bygem boga?"

Thanks, dirty dishes, for the memories.

Smiling eyes

05 marzo 2013

The family

Brothers watching the snow fall... for a very long time

Trying to eat with "the sticks."

Late night reading with Tito Jared.

Here, G is giving Ty "bass lessons," something that the kids have been doing with Tita and Tito.

Going in for a kiss.

02 marzo 2013

In case the heated seats make me lose my memory...

Once upon a time, a family went to have dinner at their friends' house and then to study and to pray.  As they were finishing dinner... CRASH!  It was a very loud, hollow, horrible sound.  The husband, whom we'll call Rory, very calmly said, "That was our car."  And sure enough, upon drawing the curtain back, there was the family's car.  Smashed on Meinecke.  The eyes of the wife, whom we'll call AlyOnooshka, followed the street west to see a mini-van, also smashed, and a felled tree. 

That AlyOnooshka, she laughed and went back to helping her three children eat their soup without making too much of a mess in their friends' house.  Rory and his host, Ale, went outside to assess the damage and talk with the authorities... first the firemen and then the policemen.

Minutes passed.  More than an hour passed.  The children were beyond exhausted and needed to get home.  So Ale took the still strangely calm AlyOnooshka and her babies home.

It turns out that Ale, when he went outside with Rory, went to the crashed mini-van to see if the driver was alright.  A man got out, said that he was fine and started walking away.  What?!  Ale was on the phone with the police, following the crashing driver on foot, with his protective neighbor following him in his car, insisting that the crasher return to the scene of the accident... which he would not do.

In the end, the police apprehended the offending driver and justice was served... -ish, I'm sure.

A few days later, Rory and his bro. went to buy a new car for the family.  The plan was to buy the new car which Rory would drive home and then Bro would follow him back in the sweet rental car, the homage to the Saharan Rebels.  AlyOnooshka happened to look out the window just as Rory was arriving.  She looked at the new car and thought, "Nice."  As she stepped away from the window, "SCREECH!  CRASH!"  Upon running back to the window, there was the rental car, smashed at the intersection of Lisbon and 68th.  "ARE YOU KIDDING ME?"  AlyOnooshka's patience evaporated, like a drop of Djiboutian sweat in July.

The heated seats of the Car of the People do help these memories fade, which is why I have written the story here.