29 mayo 2013

"I hear that," says Burton Guster (a.k.a. Gus).

"Praying devoutly but hammering stoutly," says Sancho Panza.

G's activities

Cozy morning reading time with sister

We first sound out the name card that he chooses and then he matches it to the photo.  He then goes to the other side of the fridge to find the appropriate letters and matches them to the name card, sounding it out again.

Matching quantities to numerals

Making stick shapes

25 mayo 2013

Bribery or encouragement? Po-tay-to, po-tah-to.

The doctor used super-cool purple gloves to keep him happy.

And I exchanged general compliance with the doctor and no crying during shots for a breakfast at Beans and Barley.  It worked!
Here we are, ready to go.  The mismatched socks were his idea.  I like it.


The children and I dined at the White Way of Delight last night.  "White Way of Delight?  I don't see it," you say.  But, I know what is coming in about two weeks.  I call it what it is out of experience and hope.  Hm.  Deep thoughts.  And what did we eat?  Homemade pasta, with the eggs from our hens, and pesto made from... that sorrel that I didn't know what I was going to do with, spinach and sunflower seeds.  Upon his first swallow, G said, "This is delicious!  We should eat this every night."  As long as we have sorrel, we might!
Notice how Mita prays, with her folded hands over her head. 

24 mayo 2013

How pretty


Baby grapes

A gardening mother's trick and treat

The sun pulled us out into the garden yesterday even though the chilly wind made me think twice.  That same wind kept the kids from their normal playing between our house and our neighbor's because it made it very cold along with the shade.  So, they were wandering around aimlessly, which always bothers me, when a genius idea came to me:  "Who wants a peanut butter cup?"  They went nuts over the idea.  So, I drew the first letter of each of their names in chalk and told them to collect stones out of the garden and line them up on their letter.  When it was time to go indoors, I would count them and the child with the most stones would win a peanut butter cup.  Yeah! 

Our latte

Again, with the coffee!  G woke up from his nap yesterday and immediately repeated his request from the other day for a cup of coffee... to help him wake up.  Ay.  So, we had a latte.  It was nice, coffee time with my son.

22 mayo 2013

A happy Veggie Mama living off the fat of the land

I am so excited!  I feel as though it is the first day of school tomorrow, with the anticipation of being welcomed into new worlds.

Tomorrow we get our first delivery of vegetables from our CSA... from our farm.  I have wanted a farm since some time in my youth and this may be the closest that I get!

Asparagus, spinach, sorrel, lettuce and turnips... Oh my!  I do not know what I will do with the sorrel yet, but I am happy to have the opportunity to figure it out.  And, dear Mita, yes, you will have to eat some asparagus!  (She seems much more willing to delay the scrunching up of her face if I leave the spears whole and let her eat them with their hands.  And so I will indulge her.)

This, community supported agriculture, is such a great idea.  It feels so good to be a part of it.  Bring on the veg.!

21 mayo 2013

An improvement

Since I have recently passed from looking like an Irish gentleman-detective to either an Italo-American shoe-man named Tony (on days that I embrace my 'fro) or a haggard (That's a rough word, but I feel it thoroughly.) Scottish warrior (on days that I try to control my growing locks), I have decided that I am photograph-able.

A mamA and her babies:

Al fresco

So, on our enormous compound (Ha!), we have three areas for dining al fresco: The Balcony, The White Way of Delight and The Blue Table.  Last night, we ate our first dinner for the season down at The Blue Table.  It was nice.  The kids were quite distracted by the squawking hens, who no doubt wanted in on the falafel feast, but that just gave Rob and me more time to enjoy being outdoors.


A crown

I am still having trouble with what to do with the ends of braids.  I can never get them securely attached.  This style, with little pins holding the ends, held for a few days before I pulled the ends into a punk-style side pony tail, at the front.  I think that I've figured out how to do it better next time by braiding the second to last twists on each side from front to back, incorporating the hair from the back to front twists.  Ay!  We'll see.  I'm working up the energy to try it out soon: I really don't like going into a style unless I know that I can do it well... all of that time and patience on Mita's and my part!

20 mayo 2013

12 mayo 2013


A huge, bright smile of
     Polarized understanding
Our family grows

Mothers' labor

Thirty minutes
     A glance
Thirty minutes
     A question
Thirty minutes
     Some talk
Thirty minutes
     Some sobbing
     Some prayers
Thirty minutes
     A quiet praise
Thirty minutes
     A mother
          Still and always and again and again

To whom this may concern...

-translated from the original Spanish-

G: "MamA.  We should have all of the work days, like Monday and Tuesday, and then Sunday with church and THEN Saturday.  That would be much easier for me."

(Maybe we should just take up the Jewish calendar?)

10 mayo 2013

More activities

Why hadn't I thought of the bell sooner?  I give him a spelling sheet and once he is done, he gets to ring the bell to tell me to check on his work.  Such an incentive!

"Sequencing is so much more difficult than matching!"

Better and better!

These tulips make my mouth water... seriously.  I see all sorts of sour candy in those colors!

Look at all of the potential cherries!  As soon as the bees are done with their work, I'm going to cover the whole tree with my mosquito net in an attempt to avoid a repeat of last year

Oy! Vocabulary!

G said, "I'm taking Ty to the doctor.  He has a disappointment." 

09 mayo 2013

Preach it, Maria!

"Woe to us, when we believe ourselves responsible for matters that do not concern us, and delude ourselves with the idea that we are perfecting things that will perfect themselves quite independently of us!"

06 mayo 2013


Even though I know that we are to say the following all of the time... crying it out if we must; right now, it is so easy to say, "Praise God from whom all blessings flow!  Praise Him all creatures (and flowers) here below.  Praise Him above, ye heavenly host!  Praise Father, Son and Holy Ghost!"  "Amen!" is what I say to that.  Mita, on her own, burst into this song when were outside playing this morning, as she stood in front of...

Taking care

BubU was overcome by a paternal wave the other day: