30 noviembre 2014

An inspired imagination

Pilot's headphones
Flying his airplane from Chicago to Frankfurt to Jeddah to Addis Ababa and back: the globe was his compass, blocks made lots of controls, pillow for the headphones
a block camera

24 noviembre 2014

The penultimate harvest

various greens, a few turnips and a nice pile of Brussels Sprouts
kale, sprouts, turnips and the last few carrots

All that's left are some parsnips, which I'll harvest... sometime.  So long, Garden, my good friend!

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21 noviembre 2014

-a big sigh-

Ethiopia.  The kids and I had THE MOST AMAZING trip, more so than I ever expected.  It was a gift from God.

Every time that I come back, I am always so overwhelmed.  Writing an essay or a manifesto seems like what I should do, but it's just too personal and too weighted and too... everything, that I end up just recording bullet points.  Alors, allons-y.

-It was so great to come home again to Birtukan and her Morning Coffee Guesthouse.
-3-man-2-Frisbee game with Birtukan's family and friends, and otherwise resting in the warm courtyard.  Freckles!

-Walking freely down country roads, seeing THE MOST BEAUTIFUL scenery EVER

-Eating shiro wat for nearly every meal (At one point, Ty said, "This belly was made for shiro wat!") and drinking so much Ambo
-Trying false banana, in three different preparations, the Wolaitan pickle (Yowzahs!), coffee leaf "coffee", chewy peas and pineapple (feet from where it grew)
-Visiting so many new and old friends... Thank you, God!
-Experiencing the benefits of Tato Dru's amazing observational and preparatory skills: At one point I was very flustered, trying to find a pen quickly.  A moment later, there was one being handed to me.  Thanks, Dru!  Another time, as Ty was puking all over me in the back of a speeding van, Dru handed me a camp towel and new clothes for Ty within seconds.  Pobre Ty!  And then, pobre me!  And then, pobre Sara!

-Getting to play at the playground at Soddo Christian Hospital (The kids seriously needed to run around, after having been cooped up in the plane for a day and a van for six hours.) and meeting our missionary acquaintances.  Thanks, God!

-Making it over the stick bridge; not once, but twice!  I was assured that it sounded much worse than it really was.

-Visiting Mamush's home and family and being treated to riced enset, chewy peas (They are really good!) and coffee leaf "coffee", this time with butter in it (which actually helped)

-our bajaj ride/race back to Hotel Lewi (the inferior, but good enough for us), through the Awassan night
-Buying a fried pasty thing off the street... all in Amarigna!  After having Dru take an exploratory bite to ascertain the meat content, we all happily shared a lentil and jalapeno mix in fried dough.  Mm.
-Getting a great family photo of my sister and hers

-Seeing real, enormous hippos on Lake Awassa and giving Sophie-Ona her first boat ride

-Having a relaxed-ish dinner at the fancy Lewi on Lake Awassa: wind, sparks, pancakes!, Sidaman cloth
-Visiting Helimission, a group with whom we have a special connection

-Going in Wondo Genet's hot springs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Girumy said that when we move to E-thO-pia, we should go there every Monday, as we do now with the Domes here.  I agree!

-a lesson in making yemesir wat, which turns out to be much easier than I thought
-visiting old friends at an orphanage in Addis Ababa: fruit, soccer balls, friends, dreams... lots of sighs

So, again, this trip was AMAZING... all the way up till the last plane home.  OH MAN.  I don't think that I shall ever eat airplane food again.  In life.  But, was it worth it?  Yes.  Easily yes.

Thank you, God.