25 diciembre 2014

A very Wetzbergindian Christmas

We began the festivities with a wonderful worship service at church.  It was possibly the best that I have ever attended in life.  And thankfully, the kids held it together... although another five minutes and we would have had a disaster on our hands.
Then we came home with our friends to a very traditional Christmas Eve supper of soup and sandwiches... tasty, and just right for this vegetarian crowd.
And then we woke up the children at midnight for Happy Birthday Jesus cheesecake.
This Christmas morning, we had a lovely all-house brunch to the tunes of the Cambridge Boys' Choir, followed by an all-house, plus some, dinner (Again, oh so traditional!  Japanese gyoza, Korean beef, Indian vegetables...).  And then the show:
Calling for the census
Mary, riding the donkey, with the baby on her belly.  We had to make some changes for propriety's sake!
Crazy baby J
The angel announcing the Good News to the shepherds and their sheep
Said shepherd and his sheep
Receiving his gifts from the wise people.  Notice the gift of gold (and green) that the baby received!
God, thank you!

19 diciembre 2014

Around here

Representing Wolaitta
Representing Sidama
Reading... we have just begun French!
More reading
Girumy has begun sous-chef training
Throwing paper death-stars with MattMatt

My Ty

So, in our reading, we've recently been going through some main points in history: The kids have been introduced to the world wars and all of their destruction.  Now, couple that with the children's obsession with planes since our trip to Ethiopia and the consequent books on flight that I've checked out from the library.  It has been intense.

The other night at dinner, Girumy was asking everyone which was his/her favorite kind of plane.  Rob casually said, "Fighter jets."  Now, during our reading about wars, my growing pacifism has come out and clearly affected the children because Ty responded to Rob's opinion with a seriously dirty look.  He then leaned his head on his hand and turned his back on Rob.  Ty was appalled.  Rob went on to explain that he really likes how quickly they can fly and that is why he said that he likes fighter jets.  Ty's disgust wasn't assuaged.


A few days ago, I was telling the kids that I was going to make meat for some dinner guests.  Ty gave me a dirty, confused look and said, "No, you can't."  I explained that I wasn't going to eat it, but just prepare it.  "You can't.  You don't like meat.  You can't."  Ah, the black and white world of a four year old!


Today, Ty was retelling MattMatt about everything that he had eaten in Ethiopia... the macaroni and cheese which made him vomit, pizza, lots of wat and injera...  And then Matt asked him if he had eaten any cheeseburgers.  "What's a cheeseburger?" asked my sweet veggie-centric baby!  And it was Uncle Matty's turn to be appalled.

11 diciembre 2014

My horses

Since I can't have the real deal, my children are obliging...

This is Sham, the trusty, huggable trail horse
And this is my dear, my favorite Maverick (O!  The memories!)
He says he is a Lipizzan, but, uh... well, we have our work cut out for us.

10 diciembre 2014

What the children have been saying

Girumy was STARING at our young friend, E, at dinner.  "Do you know why I am looking at you, E.?" asked he.  "Because I am going to marry you."

After reading the Bible, I was asking the kids if they had the Holy Spirit to help them obey.  Sophie exclaimed, "I have eggs!" And Ty said, "And I have those little things that swim!" Oh man!  The previous day's introduction to the reproductive system finally clicked with them.

"What is going to happen with those mozzarella stick things down here (pointing to his abdomen) if I eat a lot?" asked G.  I had no clue.  In frustration, G took out the encyclopedia and found the page with the enlarged view of intestinal E. coli bacteria.  Indeed, they look like technicolor mozzarella sticks!

Sophie-Ona, while praying for a distressed friend the other day, said, "God, please help Mrs. _ and Madagascar.  In Jesus' name, Amen." Why Madagascar?  I have no idea!