15 febrero 2015

10 febrero 2015

My favorite alarm clock ever: Girumy

Nose nuzzles.  "Mamá, you are too gorgeous!"  A gentle cheek rub.  "You are such a good mother, and cooker, and teacher.  I just love you too much!"  A very strong hug.

What a lovely way to wake up, no?

Girumy's three wishes

"All I want, Mamá, is: to sleep over at Boo's house, for Glenn to come, and to jump on Mr. Herbie's trampolines."

I believe that his wishes will be granted!

01 febrero 2015


No, not afro-brothers, but frozen brothers

Home church

Snowed in, the kids and I had home-church this morning.  I love that they've learned so many songs!  We sang our hearts out for over half an hour.  And I love that none of us can keep a tune consistently, and so no one is embarrassed.  
Girumy happily keeps a beat... though, not the beat.
When I asked the twins what they were doing (I saw bull-fighting.), they said that they were dancing like the people at church, waving their banners in the air.  :)

-a nice sigh-

A friend from the past is бальзам на моё сердце.  Thanks, God.