11 noviembre 2015

My baby!

Yesterday, Ty prayed before Calendar Time:

"Dios, tú eres grande, perfecto.  Por favo', para las placas tectónicas y protege a Japón.  Ayuda a Dana a amar a Jesús.  Por la sangre de Jesús, Amén."

07 noviembre 2015

This and that

We have been enjoying the divine gift of the best Autumn weather by having impromptu picnics at the dacha, prioritizing mornings at the park over number work, and hanging out on our newly fenced-in balcony.  Thank you, God!

In there was also a wonderful birthday celebration: a party with my favorite Wisdom and Youth, thrown by the Amazing JR; gifts of an embroidered map of Ethiopia, a Soroban, a magic photo mug and... you'll never believe it... I am such a pacifist... but... a machete!  It is for use against the giant thistles of the dacha.  And, you know, it'll come in handy if my dream of living in a foreign jungle ever comes true!

The kids, as always, continue to crack me up with what they say.  The other day, I gave the kids a choice of some activities and G asked Ty, "Which do you prefer, Ty?"  He sounded like a teacher!

Ty, upon finding the coconut oil in a different place than where he had left it, angrily asked, "Who is destroying my laws?"  Uh... can you tell that we have been reading a lot in the Old Testament lately?

Also, so, Ty is seriously infatuated with our church's choir director.  When Rob told us that she would be at his last music rehearsal, Ty dictated a note to me, for her.  Of course she loved it and wrote him a note back.  When I gave it to Ty the next morning, in all seriousness, the child said, "¡Qué nice!" with his best Mexican-American accent.

G's new favorite friend
Toboggan practice?
Fun with boxes
G, during rest time, reading ahead in These Happy Golden Years.  He and I had actually been "fighting" over who got the book to read ahead during rest time.  Finally, I just stayed up really late one night and finished it off.
More fun with boxes
Our newly-instituted afternoon tea and art time

Reading update:  I am happily working my way through St. Augustine's Confessions, as well as Mary Oliver's and Sara Teasdale's poetry.  The latter's Wisdom is so timely.  -a big, sad sigh-