30 diciembre 2015

The garden

As I look out the window beside me, I see our neighbors' blindingly white roof.  To the front is the snow-covered cemetery in the distance.  Thankfully there are cozily decorated walls to my left and behind me to keep me from feeling as though I were trapped in a snow globe.  Ah!  The horror!

Also thankfully, the seed magazines continue to arrive, showing me all of the onions that I can begin growing in just one month.  Wahoo!

So, as I prefer not to set myself up for public failure, I haven't shared last year's garden goal: to grow a decent onion.  Now, I will share that I realized my goal.  I grew several nicely sized, tasty onions.  How?  Well, apart from God's mercy, I think it was starting the seeds in January and then the soaker hose.  Irrigation makes all of the difference.

As for the upcoming year, I will vaguely share (in case anyone has any advice) my goals: 1) I would like to grow a decent melon.  2)  I would like to grow enough food to last a bit into the fall.  I have very specific ideas for Goal 2, but I shall keep them under wraps until I see how close I come.

God, thank you for the gifts of the earth, water and life!

My boys

Nuestros queridos Colombianos

!Que Dios los bendiga!

15 diciembre 2015

My Ty!

As I walked out of my room, after having gotten ready for church last Sunday, Ty abruptly stopped in his tracks and stared strangely at me.  "What is wrong, Ty?"  And the sweetest child responded, "I am startled, MamA.  You are so beautiful!"  Ha!

And here, he is writing out the name of his beloved choir director, Miss Lisa Kay.  Do you see it?

Dahnceh Dunham

One of my favorite memories from university is of my ballet teacher, Vivian from South Africa, calling to me, "Dahnceh Dunham," to work out a combination on the worn wooden floor to the live piano music.  -sigh-

Unfortunately, I didn't last the semester, because there just wasn't enough time to run to Italian class across campus, and, well... Enzo Fuschino was waiting.

And now to the next generation!

tendus at the bar
grand movements across the stage with Teacher Lindsey
the girls (and maybe the reason she really loves class so much!)
And now the child is dancing all over the place... such expression!

Ty was happy to oblige, providing his best air music.  Check out that set-up: He used an Ethiopian Airlines sleeping mask for the strap of his Lego guitar
keeping the beat... He is always keeping the beat.

05 diciembre 2015

Making the house cozy

Enchilada casserole and pickled cabbage.  Third Day's Joy to the World.  Peanut butter blossom cookies.  Family and friends.  Twinkly lights.  Memories, old and new.

Chinita, do you see the Honduran ornament?  I love hanging it on the tree and thinking of your family.
The most enthusiastic tree trimmers
A perfect job for Ty: unwrapping chocolates for the cookies.  What a great helper!

01 diciembre 2015

And... I'm back.

So, what have we been up to?  School.  Lots of school.
When we worked through the sandpaper letters, I also had each kid make a word list by initial sounds to use later as copy-work.  And what did Ty choose for the letter a?  Alcachofas!  Ha!

We're getting there...  Now, if she could only remember how to spell Biruktawit!
With no prompting, G illustrated The Sword of Damocles.
G's math.  In preparation for the abacus work, he is spending a lot of time with the parts of numbers. 
Due to the cold, we have been spending a lot of time on the couch, reading and snuggling.

And, because we aren't spending much time outdoors, we've needed to figure out ways to get the crazies out.  Family wrestling matches seem to work well.

Oh!  And I'm still harvesting from the backyard: kale, parsnips, thyme and dill.

Oh yeah, I grew that popping corn!