16 enero 2016

Hallelujah! Wahoo! Woot, woot! And, another hallelujah!

Two days ago, Girumy came up to me and said, "Corrrrrrrrrrrro.  Perrrrrrrrrro.  Ferrrrrrrrrrrocarrrrrrrrrrril."  And then we both burst into the happiest laughter.  FINALLY!  Finally, my baby can rrrrrrrrrrrrroll his r.  Shoo.  I had been so upset that he seemingly wasn't able; but, praise the Lord, he can!

And then, this week, Ty began to read in Spanish!  Wahoo!  Everytime he sounds a word out, we two burst into happy, grateful, relieved laughter.  Thank you, God!

Happy laughter all around
Praise the Lord!

06 enero 2016

Bits and bobs

So, last Sunday I was in the lobby after Service, chatting with some friends, when I realized that the two older African-American women behind me were touching and talking about Sophie's braided head.  I turned around and said, "What was that?"  One of the ladies then asked me who braids her hair "for me."  "I do!"  And the lady incredulously replied, "Hush your mouth!"  "I am her mother and it's my job to take care of her.  Plus... ... (Should I say it?)... ... pale people know how to braid too, you know."  And then the compliments and encouragement were showered upon me.  Ha!

For the second time in my life, I was recently told that I have the "soul of an Ethiopian."  I loved hearing that!

School... goes.  I am going to push through Term 2, trying to teach the twins to read and then I'm going to give it up for a term.  That is usually very helpful.  Right now, the twins are working on spelling two-syllable words and reading all of the one-syllable words out of Harold y el lApiz color morado, while I read the rest.  -a deep sigh-

I guess that I should have had her spell pila, not pilo.
 And then, and then!  Enter Super-Dad!  Rob took the kids over to the Catholic school's parking lot wherein there is piled an enormous amount of snow and he dug a tunnel.  The kids LOVE it!  Rob even won the approval of our neighborhood Guru-of-the-outdoors.  And so far, the school children either haven't found it, have such good manners that they haven't destroyed it or aren't allowed to climb on Snow Mountain.  My guess is the latter.