29 febrero 2016

The Father-Daughter Ball

So, we began with a morning at the home spa... Linda on hair and nails and MamA on hair.
the cute couple
And what do you get after a fun-filled weekend of Colombians and cousins?  Three toasted tots.

God's precious Colombians!

Linda had to come all of the way to Milwaukee to learn to make agua de panela, patacones, arroz con leche and empanadas.  Ha!  And, not only is she learning from me... but from her mother, via phone, in Colombia!  
nuestros queridos amigos
Thanks, Wetzels!  Who knew that Spot It would be such an international hit?!

18 febrero 2016


Well... where have we been?  Here and there, back to here and then to there again.  You see, IT has begun.  I didn't want IT to, but... it is a good time for my children; so, we drive to the eastside for Ballet, downtown for Tap and center-city for Soccer.  You know, dodging distracted pedestrians, protecting us against passers-on-the-right, getting rear-ended... that IT.  Oy!  I wish that we could afford a personal driver!

But, the kids are thrilled!  Sophie practices her ballet moves all week long, in between lessons, and sautes through church each Sunday, looking for her beloved teacher.  Ty wobbles his stanky leg whenever the spirit moves.  And Girumy, well, the kid wears his shin guards and long socks around the house all of the time!  His first class last week was a bit rough and he was even assigned a personal trainer for the last half.  He'll catch up.  Regardless, he LOVES it.

Other than that, we are trudging to the end of ManSoul Academy's Term 2.  Knowing that there is just one more term of official classes actually encourages me.  And then we'll be on to Summer's Nature School... dirt, dirt, worms, compost and more dirt!  Wahoo!

Now for some photos:
Building and then flying planes is how the kids spend most of their free time.
That is, when they aren't dressing up.
Ah, my children!
Four generations, beginning and ending with an Ona.  Oh, and that's our newest arrival!
Actually, she is really our newest arrival.  Nuestra querida Linda... who is making Girumy think twice about his plans to marry Miss Fears.  Ha!
Tita and Tito-inspired ink, kindly provided by Ty's dear God-family in Japan.
I am so grateful for these sweet twin times.
God is good!