04 junio 2016


Oy!  It has been so easy to say that God is good lately!  Of course, he is always good and perfect; it has just been rolling off my tongue lately, thank Him, instead of being forced out.  (Ugh!  I am still so earth-bound.)  Anyways, the point is that God has given us many tangible gifts lately, for which we are so thankful.  I barely know where to begin.

Because of technical difficulties, and quite frankly because I think that writing is underpracticed these days, I shall share some snippets in words:

So much excitement!
Smiles and hugs.  Hugs and smiles
for Mamita.

Jugos, jugos
de lulo, maracuyá, guanábana and copoaçú.
Oy!  My mouth still waters at the memory of mamoncillo.

Melting!  I'm melting in Az,
But refreshed by a l... o... n... g... day of wind in my face.
Oh, the glories of God!  Double rainbows and a technicolor sunset!
Ah!  Did you see it?  Yes!  Pink, rolling in the waves.

Zoom, zoom across the border into the middle of nowhere.
Mmm... tangy and sugary lime drank.  Yes.  Drank.
Um... we are stuck...
OK!  We're back on the track.
The smallest and hottest pepper, tasted, then cooled by 

...una serpiente de tierra caliente
y cuando se rIe se le ven los dientes.
Hay que estar demente, critica la gente
Porque come plAtano con aguardiente.

Bougie Sisters in the big city,
welcomed by Sons, Mothers (from SO far away), and Family.
A precious gift from God...
even though they don't realize that yet!

Relaxed.  So relaxed.
Grateful.  So grateful.
And home.

Then we moved on to:
Dancer Sophie's ballet recital.  She was precious.  And she even has great posture!
Followed by Fun Family Times!  Such a gift from God!