27 julio 2016

Think of the very worst sound you can imagine.

You know, the one that takes you back to primal wounds and sour breath, keeping you awake every night for months.  The one that takes you back to death, death, death and the torturous calm before the chemical storm.  The one that takes you, without your permission, to HORROR.

Well, I snapped.
Or shall I say snipped?
Doesn't she look cute?  I know this photo looks a bit Cosmo Kramer, but... well, thank God for clips and headbands!

Around here

Camping... which, of course, ended in a water disaster
Arepas a la Linda:  She had lost a bet with me.
manicure sessions
A typical harvest as of late.  Check out the garlic hanging in the back!
Our God is awesome!

13 julio 2016

My babies!

They struck this pose themselves, and then asked me to snap it into posterity.
She is SO beautiful!
Breakfast al fresco, almost everyday now

06 julio 2016

Oooo, Sherry!

It's been a mad rush of activity around here, which I love and which exhausts me.  Yowzahs!

Standout memories have been: Saturday mornings at the Farmers' Market, harvesting bowls upon bowls of berries from our back yarden, visiting with Dear Ones from all over, resuming a strict morning schedule with the kids, and on and on...

Happy Fathers' Day!  Steak a la Amy and fried yuca!
Happy birthday, Ty and Sophie-Ona!
New (to her), sparkly ballet flats... but what really excited her was the gum!
Oh, yeh, birthday undies
G's first bike race!  He has been saying for YEARS that he wants to race.  I, quite frankly, didn't think it was going to go well: When he senses that he might not be THE BEST at something, he quits trying.  My goal for him was to race without quitting, which he did.  A success!
G's international fan club
lots of Linda-time

The reunion of the Wetzbergs!

Two peas in a pod!

And, the funniest for last:  So, Ty has long been in love with our church's choir director, Miss Lisa Kay.  But then... well, he met Bethsy.  So, last night before Rob left for rehearsal at church, Ty gave him the following message:  "PapA, please tell Miss Lisa Kay that I might not be able to marry her, because, well, I am in love with Bethsy.  And if SHE says "yes" to me, then I can't marry her (MLK).  But tell her that we can all live together in a double-decker house: Bethsy and I can live upstairs and Miss Lisa Kay and her husband can live downstairs."  OH MY!!!!!