31 agosto 2016

"Ooooooo, Sherry!"

Once, when life was totally out of control, I likened it to when I was taken on a surprise, uncontrolled gallop through the woods on a Paint called Joe.  I hated it and I held on for dear life.  (Once I was able to dismount, I never rode him again.)

Well, I'm going to say that now is more like choosing to ride Maverick, which I did over and over again.  I loved riding that horse, with all of his energy and unpredictable spirit... just almost out of control... fun, but exhausting.

So, I've long wanted to open a B&B in the south of France.  My plan is to call it Le coq aime (accent).  And we will actually have a rooster, whose name will be Robert... pronounced the French way, of course.  Well, I'm currently in training.  I love it, for sure, but I think I need to hire a bit of help.

Ding!  Duty calls!