28 octubre 2016


There have been so many things that I've wanted to write, but... either I'm annoyed with technology or I'm exhausted.  Finally though, a calm morning at home, with two of my kids playing SO, SO nicely together, and here I am.

Let's see, where do I even begin?  The students.  It's so different having guys stay with us, not better or worse, just different.  Carlos is working on teaching the kids chess.  Rafa has taken to cooking for us once a week (This week it was pepper pie and mushroom soup, or soap, as he pronounces it.) and to having a weekly cartoon-movie viewing with the kids.  And, Milion, well, Milion works a lot, just stopping up to eat between shifts.  God bless them all with a saving relationship with Him!

After weeks of back pain, crawling on the floor and crying every time I had to shift positions, I have been healed, thank God!  Life is so much more pleasant now.  And just in time...

... as it's garlic and tulip planting time.  Ugh, seriously, I can never plant enough garlic: We've used all of this year's crop already.  Overall, I have been pleased with the harvest in general this year, even though it was a transition year.  The back steps are covered in winter squash, I have strings of drying chilis and lots of dill for the winter.  Unfortunately, we've almost used up all of the tomatoes I preserved.  Yikes!  It will only get better each year.

School is going well this year... we are almost a third done already!  The twins are reading, if belaboredly.  (Yes, I may have made that word up, but it just feels right for the situation.)  Girumy is thoroughly enjoying reading The Little Duke and Understood Betsy, although Math is a struggle right now.

Back to Fall Cleaning, but first some cuteness...

Sophie-Ona and I have been waiting so long for her to fit into that sweet Nigerian dress!