23 noviembre 2016

Around here

Ush.  The days pass so quickly.  It must be because I'm 40 now.  Ush again.

So, the cold and dreary has begun.  There are only a few green memories and hopes in the yarden now to cheer me: leeks, kale, parsley, lettuce and the baby garlic.  Thank God for bits of verdure!  (Can you tell that I've been reading Jane Austen?)

Somehow, pumpkin carving seems like so long ago, but we did have fun.  Rapha and Girum worked out a Mexican calavera and Carlos and Sophie stayed simple.  We had a judgment, and by a smidgen, Carlos won.
First-time pumpkin-carver, Carlos
Oh, and then, thanks to a piece of oh-so-chewy sourdough bread, we had our own little live Jack-o-Lantern!

The time between then and now has been filled with lots of...
... archery practice.  Yes, the kid made his own bow with a piece of wood and some rubber bands!  It is actually quite powerful and accurate for what it is.
And also lots of studying.  School is going quite well for us.  We are in a good rhythm and making progress.  We shall finish Term 1 of 3 next week.  I always love a new start!
Every day, at 9, we sit down and listen to our current composer (Dvorak) and then go on to read sections out of the day's books.  Quite a pile, no?  That's a hymnal (Jesus, Thou Joy of Loving Hearts), la biblia, Fifty Famous Stories, An Island Story, la enciclopedia, a world map, Our World (currently we're in the Middle East), a map of Asia, Aesop's Fables, Parables of Nature (Such a great book!), Fray Perico y su borrico, Mary Poppins and Oxford's collection of children's poetry.
They love to read a page ahead in their reading book, Coquito, so that when we get to that page, they know everything.  I love it!  They struggle together, WITHOUT me!

And, oh yes, let me not forget!  Music practice.  Oy, oy, OY!  Girumy LOVES to play his guitar (Gracias, Linda.), Ty is keeping the beat with chopsticks on his pillow drums and Sophie is usually the director, also wielding a chopstick, and singer.
G's first official guitar lesson was this week.  That's our beloved Michel, his teacher.  When he came home he was SO, SO happy, smiling incessantly.  
And, that pretty much (with the exception of that important trip two of my men took) brings us up to date.
Blooming right on time!
I have already started cooking for our big Colombian-United Statesian Thanksgiving Feast!  I've never made such a meal before, so I'm a bit unsure of myself.  It will be almost traditional... I mean, c'est moi after all!