17 diciembre 2016

More Christmas-time fun!

Rob's been baking cookies and I've been brewing chai.  The kids happily frolic in the snow, while our students take photos, photos and more photos of the Magical White Stuff.  Ha!

Ty, at a Christmas Concert for kids at our friend's high school.  He has been saying that he wants to study cello, and so he got to try it.
Dancer Sophie and The Girls.  Their class danced at a retirement home to spread the cheer.

Our house is full, and I love it!  Over the next month we will have so many dear students in and out, on air mattresses, on sofas... I am so happy to be able to share our home!  Thanks to God.

16 diciembre 2016

Catching up... again

Ach!  I am so behind!  And I feel like I need to record all of "this" so that the kids can remember their young life.

So, where do I begin?  With the theater!  Ty and I went to the theater together for the first time last week to see A Christmas Carol.  We both LOVED it!  I knew that of all of the kids, he would appreciate it the most... and he did.  However, he is having a very difficult time distinguishing between real and fantasy now.

Next up will be The Nutcracker.  I will be taking all of the little kids and one of the big ones.  Yikes!  It could be ugly.  But, hopefully, they will either pass out because it's during nap time or love it and be so engrossed that there will be no problems.

"What happened last night," you ask?  Oh!  Last night!  Well, the kids suggested a wrestling match with PapA.  While Rob was getting ready, or secretly folding laundry in the closet, the kids held a strategy meeting.  I heard Girumy say, "OK, Sophie, you'll pull his socks off.  I'll get on him because I'm the biggest.  And Ty, you get his renal insulation."  Ha!  Ty then asked me what exactly he should do with the renal insulation.  "Pinch it, of course!"  Then Rob came out...
... ready: with renal insulation protection!  Ha!
Then, the games began!

So much fun!

In the realm of books, we just finished reading Zoro, which our dear Linda suggested to us.  It was properly Colombo-fantastic... a bit too much so for me, but the kids are still forming their literary taste, so they dug it.  Then, this morning, we read a Christmas story which made me seriously cry.  -sigh-  My sweet Ty got up, fetched a hanky and proceeded to dry my tears.  Girumy went to my room to get my...
... bit of sun.  In the book Zoro, some magic helpers give the protagonist a piece of sun to protect him.  Girumy proceeded to make and give me a piece of sun, which I so desperately need right now.  
My sweet, sweet children.  I am so proud of how they, without prompt, took care of Sad Old Me.

And finally, my dear Colombian son, Cristian, has returned for a visit!!!  We love him so much and it's so good to have him with us.  God, bless him!