28 enero 2017


Ebony and Ivory
The kid came home saying, "Working is so much fun!"  And I do believe that I heard Truman give a cheer from Heaven!

27 enero 2017

In between gulps of my oat straw infusion...

Wow.  Has it been a whirlwind!  Thankfully, the craziness has calmed down, and now I can breathe again.  "Hu, hu, hee" and a giant lion's breath!

Where do I even start?  Let's see... after finishing up the festive time of year with an outing to The Nutcracker (which went so well, considering I had the three kids alone), we focused on our "lasts" with some of our students.  We took C., C., and Rafiki up North so that they could have fun in the -15 Fahrenheit, you know, Wisco-style.  We, including the kids, tubed, cross-country skied, played some broomball, rode the snow mobile, etc.  And then we came home to have a good-bye Cristian, hello Diana party.

Unfortunately, the best photo of us all is this ridiculous one.  Ay!  Well, here we are with our beloved Cristian, all decked out in our ponchos llaneros, from Yopal.

Since then, we've been settling in with Diana, how we usually do, with lots of rounds of Spot It, thank you, Wetzels, and lots of reading aloud.  We are so thankful for our new student.  God, bless her!

What else?  Oh yes, the twins sang in the church choir for the first time last weekend.  They did so well.  It makes me so happy that they are finding their place in the church.  We also started our "MamA WILL make it through the winter" distractions: the Domes every Monday and the art museum each Friday, thanks to Tati and Tato.
I told the kids to put on some more elegant clothes for the museum, and this is what I got.  Not bad!
O!  And let's end with our family's new trick: the Stensberg Stack!

05 enero 2017

The Preacher-Ma

Ha!  So, this week with the twins, we are reading about Solomon building the temple.  During the reading, a question was asked that led to the following train of ideas:  the destruction of the temple, the Wailing Wall, "Why not rebuild it?", Israel and Palestine and all of THAT, the Living Temple, etc..  That looks short, but it took a while to try to explain it all in Spanish to 6 and 7 year olds.  Nearly at the end of my ¨lesson,¨Ty said, ¨You sound just like Pastor Matt!¨ What a lovely compliment!