18 marzo 2017

My family!

"OK, everyone, it's 4:58.  It's time to begin.  The music must be going by 5." said Girumy just now, trying to get Sophie, who was saying, "Oh, yeah, I was at the university and it was my friend's birthday, so...", on task.  The dear children are playing Saturday Night Service.  How sweet is that?!
Notice the Lego microphone.
the all-important pedals
Ty, belting out Come Ye Sinners.  Interestingly, Sophie sings with quite the vibratto!

In terms of our greater family, we've been getting to know Diego and Samir better.  What a blessing.  They cooked us a really tasty pot of rice and a tortilla-mushroom pizza the other day.

Diana has taught us to play la gallinita ciega.  Shoo, Sophie!  She got stuck in a little eddy of confusion in this corner for quite some time.  Ah!
And, to end, my new favorite photo:
Sprout Boy!  He's been saying lately that he needs wet food, like leaves.  :)

02 marzo 2017

Around here

Rob has been busy showing all of our friends a good, Milwaukee time!
Bucks vs. Lakers

el club de Tobi, enjoying Kopps
And I have been trying to make it through the winter, wrapped, covered, sad and tired.

Welcome, Ty!

I used the old floss-flinging technique.