22 mayo 2017

(Belated) Mothers' Day post

So, my dearest Diana woke up God knows when to prepare me a Mothers' Day breakfast of arepas, pan de bono and cafE.
Seriously, she was SO sweet!  And then after church, I came home to a house that had been broken into!

... by dear Diego, who came over early to begin preparing a super-tasty lunch of calabaza and smoothies, eaten with the left-over breakfast.  Liz even came over to visit... and crash out under the magic blanket.
My own children showered me with special drawings and non-surprise earrings.  Ha!  I am blessed!

21 mayo 2017

What I've been hearing...

"Hey Sophie, if you suggest one more method of tapping, you're going to have a time-out," said Rob, because of Girumy's incessant and inventive drumming.

During a game of SkipBo, Ty said to Girumy, "The fruit of the Spirit is patience.  Be patient!"

Today, Sophie asked Rob why he only ever wears his green tie.  "Because it's a handsome tie."  "Are you talking about me?" asked Ty.

20 mayo 2017

The falafel bite

So, my dear Colombian daughter Lizeth asked me to bring some food to her thesis defense.  And thus was born The Falafel Bite!