26 junio 2017

A Happy Twinny Birthday!!!!!!!

Ty, oh my Ty!  The child has THE BEST memory EVER, he is SO!!!!! full of life, he takes responsability very seriously, he is an animal whisperer, he likes to look goo-ood, he sings praises to our God all the day long, and on and on.  God, make him Yours, please!

And then sweet, sweet Sophie.  -a sigh-  She is a good friend, she is so quick to forgive, she is very sensitive, she is a girly girl (dresses, nail polish, etc.), she too loves to praise God in song all day long.  God, please make her Yours too!

decorations a la Diana
sheer joy


So, when the Architect became official, he was given his professional stamp, which Ty thought was awesome.  He proceeded to draw his own 'stamp' and give it to Rob... which the latter then had made into an unprofessional stamp.  So now Ty can stamp his "eagle" and name onto whatever.

las chicas

Oh yeah... a double decker banana pecan cake with cream cheese frosting for Ty, complete with a pecan dust 7, and a strawberry cheesecake for Sophie.

And we ended the day with a tasty dinner of patacones, guacamole and empanadas in the company of our dear friends.

23 junio 2017

My clever schoolboy

So, lately, inspired by Farmer Boy, Girumy has been making all sorts of harnesses, wagons, sleighs, etc. in an attempt to be Almanzo Wilder.
Thankfully, he has an obliging brother!
And then today, as I was reading An Experiment in Criticism, by C.S. Lewis, I read, "A clever schoolboy's reaction to his reading is most naturally expressed by parody or imitation."  How fitting.

21 junio 2017

Yesterday's Summer Solstice

My favorite (peas and strawberries) and least favorite (I think that I can feel the sun's strength diminishing already.) day.

Dill!  So much dill!

Mother vs. Normal Person

This morning my kids were playing at being wild felines, romping around accordingly.  From the kitchen, I said to Ty, "Se un..." and I stopped for a second, during which time Diana finished my sentence, "un niNo."  Ha!  I was going to say, "animal mAs tranquilo."

08 junio 2017

Around here

As Diana learns about Wisconsin's birds, she patiently endures as the children fix her hair.
Girumy spends most of his free-time reading Laura Ingall's books.

And thanks to a basement purge, the kids now trace, trace, trace.