22 septiembre 2017

Life around here

We have begun Term 1 of Mansoul Academy.  The kids are happy, I am happy... a nice sigh.  It's Grades 2 and 3 this year; and with each advancement, I am so much more interested.  I am so glad to be able to learn with my kids.

G's solo work
Our table work

Notice the insertion of the cursive a.  I'm not sure if it's a good idea or not.
And although I'm not done outdoors in the yarden, our time there is now curtailed to a bit in the afternoon.
Goodbye, dear Summer.

07 septiembre 2017

The Revolving Door, it is!

Where have we been?  Settling in with A., our French student for the year.  It's been quite natural and very pleasant, thank God.  She is a blessing to us, for sure.

And then arrived A, one of the Colombians that will be here for a semester.

This weekend?  Shoo!  Colombian L. should arrive, unless the hurricane impedes her travel.  Then Mr. and Miss Belgium arrive to visit for a week (Wahoo!), followed by Miss H., from Japan, who will be with us for a month.

It's all very fun, my kids love our new interesting friends and... well... all of the action has decided on the name for our house, even though it sounds like an English pub.