22 diciembre 2018

The tree

This year, due to Rob's then-bum knee, the boys carried the tree home from the corner lot.

our excited children

On crashing an Indian baptism

Our dear friends invited us to witness the baptism of their two children.  We happily went to support and celebrate with them.  As we were waiting, I told the officiating pastor that Ty had been talking a lot about getting baptized, that he understood it and that he'd like to be signed up for the next one in January.  Great.

The baptism began.  Our friends' kids, two people that had converted from another religion and then a woman who felt called at the last moment answered questions and were dunked, to rise.  At this point, I was already crying because a C-ster's husband had finally decided to declare his love for God.  It was so moving. 

And then the pastor asked if anyone else in the crowd felt like they should get baptized, and...

Praise God!

15 diciembre 2018

Around here

We are eating so many delicious vegetables thanks to our trusty farm, LotFotL!

My not-so-little green monster

Obviously, Ty had to begin giving Fumino home archery lessons!

14 diciembre 2018

My pet peave

The kids and I were talking about who knows what the other day and Ty asked me, "Is that your puppy dog thing?"  What?  I began searching around in my mind for what he had meant.  "MamA, you know, things that annoy you a lot... your puppy dog thing?"

---So, Fumino Mercy and I were talking while making dinner the other day and something came up about men's hairy necks.  That's normal dinner prep. convo., no?  And I said that it was my pet peave and then went on to explain to her what that phrase meant.---

Obviously Ty had been listening... well, kind of!

13 diciembre 2018


Fifteen weeks, slogging through granite...
So, each year, in an attempt to keep learning, to improve my pedagogy, I read a science book.  Last year, I read The Fourth Phase of Water, which was like a walk in a Parisian park on a magical Spring day compared to Earth. 

24 septiembre 2018

Fun day at LotFotL Community Farm

We began with a nice, long-enough drive out to Elkhorn-ish.  After having a pig tour and getting to fist bump their snouts (which they LOVE), we joined in the drum circle.  What?!  I love drum circles!  Well, I love hearing one with talented drummers, but this was fun for all of us... especially Farmer April and her hoola hoop!

The facilitator was quite taken with the boys' drumming prowess.
And even Miss Japan happily drummed along.

Afterwards, we ate a lovely potluck dinner in the oh-so-chilly evening.  Most of us were standing in a ray of sun, here and there, trying to keep warm.  And then the kids ran, ran, and ran some more in a little pack... through the barns, up ramps, around and around and around the house.  And as Miss Japan and I were taking a walk, trying to stay warm, I saw the bonfire from afar.  Obviously, we ran to it.  How nice!  And then on the way home, God treated us to the most beautiful nearly-full moon in a blue-purple-pink sky.  It was gorgeous!

11 septiembre 2018

And a few more

the party people

You know, just in case he breaks into a sweat while reading!

Melons, melons and more melons!  We have eaten SO many delicious melons thanks to our trusty farm, LotFotL.

More summer memories

up in the Korbines' wedding tree

06 septiembre 2018


the boys' stuff, ready for summer camp  (Yes, they did change their clothes during the week and almost everything returned home at the end.)

Ty was insistent that we celebrate his birthday before he left for camp.

Sweet Sophie, having her own birthday, for once in life.

05 septiembre 2018

Where, o where have the S-bergs been?

Seriously?!  Well, we've been picking strawberries, up north to camp, to church and back a million times (which has led to countless hours at the four-square court), to the farmers' market and to the lake, the lake, and the lake again.  We've been very often to the dacha, ripping out weeds, harvesting and bird-watching.  We've been to the zoo with cousins, to Mad-town with the Belgians, and to parks with neighbors.  We've even been to Miller Park which has led to hours of baseball in our humble park across the street.  We've been here, in our small abode, throwing parties... yes, parties.  Big ones!  We've been on the couch reading Old Yeller, Caddie Woodlawn, Swallows and Amazons, Alice in Wonderland, The Saturdays and more.  And now here we are, ready to begin school next week.  Shoo! 

*Adorable photos to follow, for memory's sake.

20 junio 2018

My children

"MamA, puedo por favor comer la cAscara del mango?"  "Claro, mi hija."
Just watching the school's landscaping crew, you know, sibling style.

And the spatula has been passed on!

Yeah... so... this is how they came out dressed for church.  Who am I to cramp their style?

Ever since Miss Molly came to visit with her fancy control-the-world watch, Ty has been talking about having one; which, obviously, will never happen.  So, the next best thing?  He made himself an origami watch.  I believe this photo captures him sending some e-mails.

And, this is our answer to our friends' hover board!


As a trying-hard Charlotte Mason MamA, I sat down for a good 20 minutes and sketched this beauty.  I didn't come close!  But, it doesn't bother me because it just highlights God's glory!
Look at those petal tips!
A few overviews of the back yarden:

I am SO thankful for our little piece of... it's so much to us!