27 enero 2018

Granola boy

So, I seriously dislike making the weekly granola.  Ugh.  I love HAVING the granola ready for the weekdays.  I love not buying the expensive granola at the store.  BUT, I hate making it.  I love cooking, but not the granola.

Enter Eager Ty.  The child has decided to take over granola production for me, thank God!  I wrote him out his own recipe and slightly guided him last week.  This week, the kid's on his own!  Wahoo!

Around here

G has taken to making me a second cup of coffee before starting our Table Time.  So sweet.
While I do Table Time with Girumy, the twins do their copywork.  Shoo!  When will the b/d be sorted out?!
This is the extent of Girumy's Table Time these days.  He thinks that he barely has to do any schoolwork because of how the table looks.  What is great is that he doesn't seem to consider the solo-work he does, seen below, as school work.  Ha!

The twins, however, have a long, although varied, Table Time with me.  I'm usually fine the first time through; but once I get to the second twin, I'm about spent.  And I just can't figure out how to combine them for this time:  They really need the individual attention right now.
That is what's happening around here... not very exciting, but I am SO thankful to be alive to teach them.  It is a gift from God that I certainly don't deserve. 


So, the Intern that's living with us mentioned to me the other day that she met another person from France.  He's studying here at the U, but is from the Sorbonne.  I heard "Sorbonne" and I BURST! into a sob.  A sob!