24 septiembre 2018

Fun day at LotFotL Community Farm

We began with a nice, long-enough drive out to Elkhorn-ish.  After having a pig tour and getting to fist bump their snouts (which they LOVE), we joined in the drum circle.  What?!  I love drum circles!  Well, I love hearing one with talented drummers, but this was fun for all of us... especially Farmer April and her hoola hoop!

The facilitator was quite taken with the boys' drumming prowess.
And even Miss Japan happily drummed along.

Afterwards, we ate a lovely potluck dinner in the oh-so-chilly evening.  Most of us were standing in a ray of sun, here and there, trying to keep warm.  And then the kids ran, ran, and ran some more in a little pack... through the barns, up ramps, around and around and around the house.  And as Miss Japan and I were taking a walk, trying to stay warm, I saw the bonfire from afar.  Obviously, we ran to it.  How nice!  And then on the way home, God treated us to the most beautiful nearly-full moon in a blue-purple-pink sky.  It was gorgeous!

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