05 septiembre 2018

Where, o where have the S-bergs been?

Seriously?!  Well, we've been picking strawberries, up north to camp, to church and back a million times (which has led to countless hours at the four-square court), to the farmers' market and to the lake, the lake, and the lake again.  We've been very often to the dacha, ripping out weeds, harvesting and bird-watching.  We've been to the zoo with cousins, to Mad-town with the Belgians, and to parks with neighbors.  We've even been to Miller Park which has led to hours of baseball in our humble park across the street.  We've been here, in our small abode, throwing parties... yes, parties.  Big ones!  We've been on the couch reading Old Yeller, Caddie Woodlawn, Swallows and Amazons, Alice in Wonderland, The Saturdays and more.  And now here we are, ready to begin school next week.  Shoo! 

*Adorable photos to follow, for memory's sake.

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